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What Bird Are You? Personality Traits With Merrick Rosenberg

What Bird Are You? Personality Traits With Merrick Rosenberg

August 17, 2021

What kind of bird are you? 🦅🕊️🦜🦉

Everyone has different preferences that make up their personality type, and some personalities work better together than others. 


On today’s EP we talk about personality with our special guest Merrick Rosenberg! 🙌


Merrick is the leading personality expert is a Personality trailblazer, keynote speaker, & the author of The Chameleon and Personality Wins!


We talk about particular personality types and how it might make it really easy to communicate with others  and leave you struggling with another.  We talk about understanding these boundaries — and knowing when you’re within or outside them. 


To connect with Merrick Rosenberg


How our Sex Sessions Last 8-10 Hrs. As well as Some Q & A

How our Sex Sessions Last 8-10 Hrs. As well as Some Q & A

August 10, 2021
Tune into today’s new solo episode where we will be answering some of your questions as well as our interpretation of sexy time. 
We are huge Fans of love and marriage. We know you can have it all. We know you can sustain a fun loving, long lasting relationship if you put it in the energy and the effort to make it so.
Have a listen and tell us your thoughts on these answers.
Vulnerable Man With Dai Manuel

Vulnerable Man With Dai Manuel

August 3, 2021
We talk about the challenges of balancing your work, life and family. 
 On paper you can have it all, achieve success, have everything you could have ever wanted but still feel unhappy, unfulfilled and disconnected. Like many others, we felt that rollercoaster ride of emotions that you experience when riding life’s highs and bottoming out in life’s lows. Check out the podcast and see how you can get through this.
Sex On The Beach.

Sex On The Beach.

July 27, 2021

On todays episode we will walk you through how to have some fun alone time together as a couple even on a family vacation. Regardless of your circumstances, situation or location, you shouldn't neglect your needs of intimacy however that maybe. As we usually say, you do you but try to be mindful and aware of your needs as a couple especially during a family vacation. This will make things go smoothly and everyone will benefit from a goodtime, Literally...

Benefits of sex..

-It reduces vacation stress 

-You sleep better, so you'll have more energy for the family activities

-It allows you to burn calories cause you know you need it with all that vacation food

-It helps you strengthen the mental & physical connection with your partner so you can make better decisions together.

Tune In Now

Take My Advice, I‘m Not Using It with  Dr. Marissa Pei aka ”Asian Oprah”

Take My Advice, I‘m Not Using It with Dr. Marissa Pei aka ”Asian Oprah”

July 20, 2021

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Marissa Pei aka "Asian Oprah" with her bubbling personality and hilarious wisecracks. With her background in Organizational Psychology, she walks us through the tools you need to achieve happiness. 

We learn why it is absolutely impossible to be happy 100% of the time, and why that is okay (and encouraged!) Dr. Marissa challenges us to a 21-day fast to increase love, relationships, and your sex life. This isn’t the fasting you may be thinking about.  Tune in to learn more! 

Looking for some advice or answers to your relationship questions? Reach out to us on socials or email us@hohshow.com to be featured on the show!

Are You Okay With That?

Are You Okay With That?

July 13, 2021

In this week’s episode, we dive into the conversation every couple should have before they commit to a life-long relationship. What should you know about your partner before you say “I do?” Are you willing to take the leap of faith without knowing your partner's expectations for the future? We’re calling this process of partner discovery “Are you okay with that?”  

Tune in to Roger and Nina as they discuss what to do -right from the start- so that you get it right the first time! Alignment with your partner is part of the fundamentals of being in a relationship, and it's never too late to ensure you’re on the same page.  

We’d like to thank our good friends at Injectables By Mina and Maya Advanced Skin & Body Care for helping us keep to our list of relationship requirements.  Find them on socials below to keep you looking young, and feeling your best!  

Injectables By Mina 

Maya Esthetics

Couples Synergy with Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian

Couples Synergy with Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian

July 6, 2021

Do you ever wonder what healthy sexual development looks like in a long-term relationship? Should I be scheduling sex with my partner? Or what does healthy conflict in a relationship look like?  


Join us on this week's episode with Couples Synergy Doctors Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian who specialize in marriage counseling and therapy.  These two aren’t your typical therapists. They push through gender biases by working with couples separately and together to resolve issues developmentally.  If you find yourself asking “how can I  fix my relationship?” Look no further.  


Couples Synergy teaches couples how to interact vs. traditional facilitation methods. Listen along and learn some of the core differences between the head and heart, productive vs. destructive arguments, and what is a relationship stress test.  


Couples Synergy Dr.’s Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian can be found at www.couplessynergy.com 

Listener Questions

Listener Questions

June 29, 2021

Have you been married for decades but stuck in a rut? In a long-term partnership and there’s just one thing you can’t move past?  Do you ever find yourself needing answers to questions you just can't seem to figure out? 


So many of us struggle with relationships (including us at times!) In Episode 39 we take you through listener questions revolving around the crazy ups and downs on the roller coaster of relationships. Some of the questions answered are on dealing with the emotional regret of being married with no children or what to do when you’re in a relationship that struggles with partner anger issues and loyalty? 


How we view ourselves plays a large part in how we love someone. Listen along to learn how goal alignment, communication, and growing together can guide the way to a long-lasting relationship.


Are you looking for advice on your marriage or partnership? Reach out to us on socials or email us at  us@hohshow.com to have your question featured on our next episode of listener questions! 


The Complete Man w/ Purdeep Sangha

The Complete Man w/ Purdeep Sangha

June 21, 2021

What is at the core of being a complete man? Is it success? Wealth? A thriving business? Or a happy family?


On this week’s enthralling episode, we speak with Purdeep Sangha, also known as "The Strategist For Businessmen", is a CEO and Founder of ‘The Complete Man’, an author, podcaster, and speaker. Purdeep brings his vast knowledge in coaching men, and his own life experience through that work and his personal life, to our conversation today to figure out what afflicts men and how we can teach, help, and uplift men to bring their best selves to their relationships and family.


We cover a wide variety of topics, from building yourself up from within, developing confidence, emotional mastery skills, living life on the ‘upside of the pendulum’, why men cheat, and so much more. Purdeep’s experience in helping men is a welcome resource for both the men and women listeners of our show, as it will certainly help men build confidence, and illuminate how those around men can support them. Thank you Purdeep!


You can find Purdeep, his podcasts, and his books, on his website and across social media linked here:



Twitter: @PurdeepSangha

Instagram: @PurdeepSangha

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purdeep.sangha

Growing Together

Growing Together

June 15, 2021

What is the purpose of a relationship if not to find someone to grow with? 

On this week’s aptly named episode, we discuss growing together, how and why mutual and tandem growth in a relationship is important, and how staying focused on growth can help your relationship adapt, resolve, and avoid conflict. Speaking from our own experience of nearly 18 happy years of marriage and 24 years of friendship, we analyze how we’ve grown and adapted to each other and with each other to overcome the obstacles life has thrown at us and ultimately get to where we are now.

Also in this episode, we discuss the value of money in happiness, Bill & Melinda Gates divorce, escaping the kids, the feeling of freedom as COVID restrictions ease, and we tease some plans for some exciting upcoming giveaways! 

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