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Love made simple with Juan Lee

Love made simple with Juan Lee

October 26, 2021
Do You Think Love Is Simple?
Today we talk with Juan Lee on love and how to give and receive love.
Juan Lee is an author and transformational teacher on the powerful principle of love. 
Juan says In relationships, love is knowing what each other’s needs are and is about being able to meet those needs and the fulfillment that each person gains from knowing those needs.
And much much more. 
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Relationships Are Simple!

Relationships Are Simple!

October 19, 2021
Do you find your relationship hard? Are you longing for that strong, healthy and value-based relationship? 
In today’s episode we discuss how the work you put in getting to know your relationship at the start will make things simple over time. We go over a few tips to help you achieve all of that and more. 
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Secrets To Parenting Without Giving A Fu*k With Sue Donnellan

Secrets To Parenting Without Giving A Fu*k With Sue Donnellan

October 12, 2021
What are the secrets to parenting without giving a Fu*k.
Episode 54 with @askmomparenting is all about how to raise happy healthy and thriving children all while maintaining great relationships.
 Sue Donnellan is a Parent Mentor, Child Behavioral Specialist, Household Harmony Transformer and Author of the Int'l #1 Best Selling book Secrets to Parenting Without Giving a F*ck. She's worked with parents for 20+ years helping them end tantrums, sidestep power struggles, eliminate back-talk, neutralize sibling fights, and build a lifelong relationship of trust with their kids. 
Her results-based, no-nonsense methods are the playbook to raising happy kids without public meltdowns, punishments. or yelling.
With humor, wisdom and intuitiveness, she helps struggling parents emerge on the other side of their overwhelm with her unique parenting mindset. 
Win Her Book!
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What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

October 5, 2021
We talk all things marriage and how that defines you as a couple.
Episode #53 is very entertaining in a very educational way lol
From quickies, sleeping naked to who wear the pants in our relationship. We cover it all along with some laughs for you.
Have a listen and let us know what would you do?
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Forgive Faster

Forgive Faster

September 28, 2021

Do You Two Fight?


We get this question quite often… 


We would love to tell you, no we don’t fight, but the truth is we do and actually having healthy adult relationship doesn’t mean zero conflict, it means having better communication skills to work through that conflict.


The key is to I compromise and pick your battles in our case forgive faster which happen to be today’s episode all about.

What Is Power  & How It Influences Relationships With Claudia Monacelli

What Is Power & How It Influences Relationships With Claudia Monacelli

September 21, 2021

Do you know what your archetype is?


Don’t worry we felt the exact same way when we first heard of that word. 

All the way from across the globe “Italy” to be exact, we have Dr. Claudia Monacelli whom without knowing much about us apart from our first names gave us our first ever archetype reading.


This was very fascinating information to us. Have a listen to see how it effects your relationship and if you can relate.

Find Claudia Monacelli Here
Episode 50 & Wedding Anniversary

Episode 50 & Wedding Anniversary

September 14, 2021

Wow how did we get here? 

We are so Proud to be celebrating our 50th episode.

We decide to do a mini review of each of our wonderful guests interviews to help you guys to evaluate which episode you want to go back to and listen in full. It’s amazing to be reminded of all the great people and conversations we’ve had in these episodes. What a ride so far, and the best is yet to come...Stay tuned.

Why Relationships Fail

Why Relationships Fail

September 7, 2021
A common question we get asked is “Why is my relationship failing?” Here are our thoughts.
We sit down to talk about ONE quality we've come to find essential for a romance to stand the test of time,  but first you need to be COMMITTED and be WILLING to work at it.
In today’s episode we talk about why these manifest and how you can overcome them in your relationship. 
It’s inevitable that your partner will have traits that irritate you or beliefs with which you disagree. 🤬
Does that mean that you should leave your partner in pursuit “perfect”? No!
We go in-depth  with techniques to help you set a clear direction as well as overcome fear, stress, anxiety with your partner. 
The Empowered Wife With Laura Doyle

The Empowered Wife With Laura Doyle

August 31, 2021

What Does It Mean To Be The “Empowered Wife”?


Attention ladies this episode is for you, if you’re struggling in your relationship.


The worlds most trusted relationship expert, New York Times best-selling author, fellow podcaster and the empowered wife herself @LauramDoyle.  

Laura is here today to help you fix your relationship without your man’s conscious effort even if it seems completely hopeless.


We couldn’t get enough of this beautiful woman’s wisdoms during the interview, and we assure you, you’ll feel the sam way when you listen to her. 



✨We talk about the Connection Framework 


✨How to apply it in your relationship 


✨And getting the PLAYFUL, PASSIONATE relationship you deserve.


Listen to today's show to learn how you can transform your relationship ladies, so you too can be the empowered Wife.

Make Your Grass Greener

Make Your Grass Greener

August 24, 2021
Your grass greener? (We don’t mean our lawn!)🤫
There’s a saying that “The grass is (always) greener (on the other side)”.
☝️Instead of wishing of being on the other side, why don't you GO GET IT!  Make yours the greener grass that everyone envies.
Many people might be thinking about how can we change our partner to improve our relationship. However, the best way to start improving your relationship is to start with yourself! 💁‍♀️
Listen to today's show to learn how we keep our love going and what it taught us throughout the years of our marriage. Hear from a modern couple how we make our relationship FLOW.
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