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How to Turn Your Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs Part 2 With Gaby Sundra

April 12, 2022

Relationship Coach Gaby Sundra provides clear, specific, empowering and aligning processes that help couples keep the fights clean and the sex dirty so they can enjoy a more playful, peaceful and passionate relationship. She empowers couples to eliminate blaming and complaining and to shift any adversarial dynamics into an allied partnership to create and enjoy what you yearn for most.  She inspires a sense of “We’re on the same team and TOGETHER, we’ve got this!”

She proves that by shifting away from a “blaming and complaining” approach into an “aiming for awesome” approach, even the most challenged couples can bypass the drain of mounting negativity and distance and instead generate alignment, partnership and even PLAY to create forward momentum as they  generate and enjoy a relationship and life they both absolutely love.

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